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Our Friends

Here at EDGE, the concept is very simple: there is value (for all) in eating locally.

The idea is that such food is fresher and healthier (as it did not have to travel long distances or be sprayed with life-extending chemicals) and less burdensome to the environment (since the amount of fuel used in transporting produce down the street is significantly less than in flying it around the world).

Eating locally also means eating seasonally. While here in Miami, seasons are not as marked, the seasonal component encourages both food preparers and consumers to savor fruits and vegetables at their prime. 

Our friends:
Swank Farms, La Belle Farms, Creekstone, Point Reyes, Jasper Hill, La Quercia, Meadow Creek Naturals, Palmetto Creek Farms, Borek Farms Teena's Pride. Bush Brothers, Cod & Capers Seafood, J Wakefield Brewing, Wynwood Brewing, TANK Brewing, Betta Bucha, Murray's Cheese, Sun Fresh Farms, New England Charcuterie,  Freedom Fresh, Paradise Farms, Kennesaw Juice, Tom Cat Bakery, Cape Grim Beef,  True Aussie Beef and Lamb

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