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33 Iconic Meat Dishes in Miami, And a Little Beyond


July 7, 2014

"Being the multi-culti city that it is, Miami's iconic meat dishes are as varied as its inhabitants. We've found vieja ropa, a Cuban shredded beef dish (which is not-so-appetizingly translated as "old clothes," but is delicious), to be as iconically Miami as the a Supermoon Perro, a Colombian hot dog topped with loads of crushed chips, mayo, ketchup, pineapple sauce and other things that shouldn't work, but do. Then again, Haitian meat dishes also reign supreme, as do Southern ones and many, many more. So, without too much ado, here are Miami's most iconic meat dishes, a melting pot of wonderfully carnivorous options that would totally bewilder anyone who didn't live in the Magic City, in no particular order...


Here's a modern steakhouse where you can safely go for more than the classic NY strip, without breaking the bank. Try one of their signature dishes, fire roasted lamb chops, served with greek yogurt."

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