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Go Rogue with these Non-Beef Burgers for the Fourth of July

Keys Info Net

July 2, 2014

"When it comes to Fourth of July food, it's lamb burgers, not beef, that will be on chef Aaron Brooks' grill at the Edge Steak & Bar in downtown Miami. And when it comes to the lamb's origin, Brooks has no qualms proclaiming his preference.

"Being an Aussie, some would say I'm pretty biased to Australian lamb," he said. "It does have a special place in my heart, and every time I get to eat or work with it, I am reminded of home."

Nostalgia aside, Brooks said he finds the flavor and quality of Australian lamb to be superior to domestic or New Zealand versions.

"The racks, for example ... so big, clean and consistent with just the right amount of marbling," he said. "I joked with someone that the Aussie lamb I'm getting here in the states is better than the stuff I grew up with."

And ground lamb, Brooks said, makes a great grilling choice.

"I particularly love the char you get when the fat renders over the grill, creating a fantastic smoky flavor," he said."

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