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Miami New Times Dining - Great Review!

Great words of praise from one of the cities toughest critics!

Edge Steak and Bar Wins With Delicious Cuts, Bright Cuisine, and Affordable Bills

"But you also don't expect a Four Seasons Hotel restaurant to be this accessible and affordable. Upscale hotel chefs often cite the constraints of having to provide meals that appeal to conservative families and business clientele in order to justify staid, unimaginative offerings. Chef Brooks's menu stands as a blueprint for how to produce brilliant, innovative fare that appeals to all tastes. The answer lies not in a liberal use of foie gras and truffle oil, nor in gimmickry or gargantuan servings. Quality food that looks and tastes great will fit most folks' bill, especially if it's fairly priced. That's what gives Edge the edge over its competitors".

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