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SoBeWFF Culinary Captains Dish Why Their Neighborhoods Are Best

Miami New Times

February 15, 2015

Aaron Brooks

Restaurant: Edge Steak & Bar

Neighborhood: Brickell

Dish: "I wanted to do a take on kielbasa that I've made lately and turns out really good, but with lamb of course. It'll be in a little soft bun with some jalapeño mint jelly -- a play on classic flavor on where I'm from [Australia] but with a Miami steak-house sort of twist on it."

Why the best 'hood?: "It makes me superproud because I moved to Miami just over three years, and back then Brickell was just starting to emerge. But now it's really coming into its own, so being able to represent and being the guy in this area makes me really proud. We're not just a financial district but also have culinary flavors and restaurants coming here that are really making their mark. You don't have to go to the Beach to get a good meal, although there are awesome places there, don't get me wrong."

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