Jose Gamez, Executive Sous Chef

Jose Gamez

Executive Sous Chef

Jose Gamez, Executive Sous Chef at EDGE Steak & Bar, traded the cold winters of his hometown of Boston for the warm sunny beaches of Miami.  Growing up he dreamed of becoming an astronaut. It wasn’t until his first experience in the kitchen at a local restaurant in Boston’s North End – aka “Little Italy” – where he came down from the stars and discovered his passion for food.

The chef at the local mom-and-pop restaurant spotted something extraordinary in Gamez from the start. “I was filled with excitement. He saw my strong work ethic and eagerness to learn and took a chance on me,” says Gamez.  The chef asked Gamez to be his apprentice and, as they say, the rest is history.

After several years of experience (and a growing fondness for Italian food that continues to this day), Gamez was ready for his next professional step.  He went from a small operation to a much larger one, working in all areas of the kitchen, from a Five-Diamond restaurant to banquets, making his way up until he was appointed Executive Sous Chef. Gamez credits his promotions and his move up the kitchen ladder to a mix of hard work, dedication, and, above all, a love and appreciation for food. Now, he's embracing new opportunities to explore the many flavors and ingredients at EDGE Steak & Bar.

He still brings his Italian background to EDGE, with innovative pasta specials from time-to-time. Gamez especially enjoys crafting wine-pairing menus. “I see wine as something that not only enhances the taste of food but also gives the meal a story,” says Gamez.
Whether at home or at work, Gamez’s cooking philosophy boils down to his belief that each ingredient “has its own purpose and unique flavor that it brings to a dish.  When those flavors combine in just the right way, the result is extraordinary.

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